10 Exciting Century Modernity Meets Old World Charm

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A bit more than ten decades back Eileen Holland and Lorenzo De Monaco established La Segreta, a new partnership place onto a 70-acre nature preserve in that the core of Umbria. They began by imitating the rustic stone borgo which was on the house. Theye encouraged their loved ones, friends and customers to make use of the leasing estate whilst exploring the area. Lately, they reinvented an early farmhouse — a more complex mixture of modern and conventional with every conceivable advantage — that was also on the land. Now, the La Segreta brand comprises 2 luxury properties, a lineup of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and hand-blended reddish wine (generated in the grapes grown on our territory ). This is — the key heart of Italy.

Whether seeing the sun set over the Tiber River Valley, sharing a meal in that the rustic kitchen or relaxing by the fireplace after touring neighboring hilltop cities, the earth floor is perfect for sharing time with family and friends.

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Kalasa Randall