15+ Amazing House That Combines Art Usability and Style

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Architect Harris Boudouris’ house unites art, usability and style. The home situated in Athens, Greece made by the proprietor is just like a kid’s drawing, a box which produced through an ingenious child with a box of Lego. The big couch in that the living room is by French company Roche Bobois. The furniture (all white) are completely needed. The entire home is filled with art by famous Greek artists, (TAKIS, PAUL, Kostis Georgiou, CHRYSSA, SOPHIA VARI etc.. ) Simplicity of those space hides an excessive amount of work for this. The perfectly completed marble (in LACOMAR-PISANI) is employed through the home. In the event of rain, shut themselves by simply using detectors. The north side is totally shut, but with an excessive amount of light due to the immense openings on the opposite sides.

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